January’s Mint-Up (er, meeting)

Our first meeting of the new year will be Thursday January 15th in London.    

As usual, there will be conversation, a topic, networking between 7-9pm GMT and then drinks at the closest pub. 

The topic for the evening is:    Social Networking and Filtering  or “Don’t Say **** in Front of the Children” – Ethel Merman

 The smart, good, entertaining folks from Crispthinking.com will do a demo of their fabulous content analysis filtering/moderation tools and discuss how they spent several years building their tools.  

The demo will be followed by a roundtable discussion: e-minters old and new will be present to discuss the pros and cons (as well as the present and future) of tools and content and moderation. Sharing best practices.  Content analysis has many more uses than protecting children from online predators – let’s talk about them! (Becs promises not to go on a rampage about present-day parenting!).

Location details are available w/in the yahoo group/email list but it’s very close to the Oxford Circus tube station. 

RSVP appreciated so we can make sure there’s enough chairs 🙂