Community Manager Appreciation Day

This past Monday (Jan 24) was the first ever Community Manager Appreciation Day.

It’s such a great idea!  Not sure why it’s taken so long for an actual day to be proposed.   But now it has and lots of thanks to Jeremiah Owyang’s post on the idea.

If you missed Jeremiah’s post,  Community Manager Appreciation Day will be held on the 4th Monday of January each year.   #CMAD is the hashtag.

He recommends you take time out and appreciate the following (of course use #CMAD):

  • the community person who helped to solve your customer problem
  • a coworker (and make sure their boss knows too)
  • yourself!  (for all you community managers out there!)

Even though it’s now 2 days late, I’d still encourage you to share the community love & get to thanking people!