birthday plans

Mid 2010 is e-mint’s 10th birthday. If you have an idea regarding how we should celebrate this fantastic anniversary, please let us know!

SXSW – e-mint-ies attending/reports/etc

Thought I’d put together a list of e-mint members who are attending or presenting at sxsw. leave a comment, email, post to the list if you should be noted here.

@iFroggyShameless Self Promotion Without Looking Like an @#$%^&! on sat 13th


Other happenings
A community manager meetup is being organised for the 12th – details on facebook (this is not an e-mint event)”

OCR is having a LunchUp on Monday the 15th at 12:30 – details on their facebook page

Drinks – Tonite in London

What? A casual pub evening where you can chat f2f with fellow e-minters.  We’re a friendly bunch so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone (or know faces!)

Where? The Square Pig, 30-32 Proctor Street, London, United Kingdom  (map below)

When? Thursday 11th February, 6pm-11pm  (drop in during this time period)

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Community Manager Appreciation Day

This past Monday (Jan 24) was the first ever Community Manager Appreciation Day.

It’s such a great idea!  Not sure why it’s taken so long for an actual day to be proposed.   But now it has and lots of thanks to Jeremiah Owyang’s post on the idea.

If you missed Jeremiah’s post,  Community Manager Appreciation Day will be held on the 4th Monday of January each year.   #CMAD is the hashtag.

He recommends you take time out and appreciate the following (of course use #CMAD):

  • the community person who helped to solve your customer problem
  • a coworker (and make sure their boss knows too)
  • yourself!  (for all you community managers out there!)

Even though it’s now 2 days late, I’d still encourage you to share the community love & get to thanking people!

May conversations – twitter, outsourcing, removing content

Time has flown past since my last past so will have to do a monthly conversation wrap-up this time!

On the list we’ve been talking about twitter & kids (and the lack of information Twitter provides in regards to safety),  can you outsource your moderation to India?,  and what’s the best practice when you remove a comment/thread (do you leave a notice behind?  do you alert the people involved? etc).

and we’re enjoying troll slayer on xkcd

Event– On June 12th, there’s a roundtable event for Aussie Community Managers in Sydney – see Alison’s blog for details

reminder: next London e-mint meeting- April 15

the next e-mint gathering in London is slated for April 15th at Holborn’s The Square Pig pub (6:30pm start).

we’ll be arranging a speaker at the start of the evening ( details to follow).    there will also be lots of time to have a drink and a chat with old friends plus make a few new ones.

brought to you by e-mint and organised by FreshNetworks.

please rsvp here.

sydney AU – online communities:making it happen

the folks at the NSW KM association are putting together an evening in Sydney entitled:

Online Communities – Making It Happen

Online Communities have significantly grown in profile during recent years – esp. with the popularity of sites such as Facebook. This session brings together people who have an interest in the many forms of online community – whether these communities consist of professionals, employees, consumers or just people that want to hang out together. The session will be highly interactive. 


Angela Beesley is the Vice-President of Community Relations for Wikia Inc. which she co-founded with Jimmy Wales in 2004 to support wiki communities. She is also the chair of the Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation, which manages the free-content encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Scott Drummond is the Community Manager for SportsHydrant, an online community for sports enthusiasts based in Sydney. Previously he was deputy editor of Marketing Magazine.

Christy McCarthy is the Community Relations Manager for WorldNomads, a global online travel company. She is also responsible for the not-for-profit online fundraising initiative – which helps people give back to the communities in which they travel.

Mark Pollard is Strategy Director, McCann Sydney where he is responsible for brand and digital strategies for the likes of Microsoft, Pfizer and more. He is also the CEO of Stealth Magazine, the first full-colour hip hop magazine in the Southern Hemisphere.


Space is limited. Please RSVP before COB Friday 20th February by e-mail to: au

NSW-KM cannot accept RSVPs after this time.

LOCATION: (map below):

Darling Park
201 Sussex Street

Enter from Druitt Street, go up the escalators and up the hall. Continue through the foyer until you see the PwC security desk through the doors on your left hand side. Please note: You will need to get a security pass from the security desk in the PwC Foyer, then proceed to main reception on Level 10 and tell reception you are here for the NSW KM forum.


5.30pm for 6pm, Monday  23 February 2009.


Gold coin donation


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