what is e-mint?

e-mint is an independent group of professionals involved with virtual communities in various ways. Our membership includes community managers, web designers, academics, software developers, consultants, IT managers, researchers, and more.    e-mint is a network for anyone interested in the theory or practice of online communities.

e-mint is concentrated in the UK with an eye towards European issues although members are located globally and the issues discussed often cross cultures.

e-mint members gather f2f and online via monthly meetings in london and the yahoo groups site. f2f meetings include speakers (including Amy Jo Kim and Howard Reingold at previous meetings) and conversations involving the issues facing members of the group. time is always given for informal networking and a few beers.

e-mint goals include:

  • support
  • learning
  • benefit
  • fun

specifically these include:

  • to build up a resource of useful information on online communities
  • to set standards
  • to have discussions on new technology and methods of working
  • to set some UK-wide standards on Statistics and logging we can all use – for all community applications
  • to network
  • to keep an eye on jobs and the market value for those working in online communities
  • to improve working conditions

e-mint is run by volunteers and no membership fee is required to join.

if you’d like to join, please use the e-mint yahoo group. click the ‘join this group’ button on the upper right side. please tell us a bit about yourself such as what your interest is in online communities, your professional background, where you are located in the world and if someone referred you, please name drop.