Joining e-mint

e-mint used Yahoo Groups from 2000 til Yahoo shut down groups in 2020. We migrated to another old school tech – a discussion list!

To subscribe to the e-mail list, use this site.

The list is still active though fairly quiet. This website is more of an archive of earlier days of e-mint as we have not had an event in years.

We occasionally post to the @e_mint account on Twitter.

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Vircomm is here!

Later today, Thursday 20th, is Vircomm 2014.

If you have tickets, lucky you!! If not, make sure you follow along on Twitter. The conference starts at 9:30am in London. Check out the speaker list & agenda.

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Vircomm Summit 2013

Planning has begun for the 2013 Vircomm Summit (see last year’s details).

Take their survey & vote for your favourite topics!

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spammer friends

Does the e-mint site look a little different to you?

That’s because I realised over the wknd that spammers had been to visit & left a bit of a mess.  Except for the design & a few images to be uploaded yet, all should be back to normal.  Yell if you notice anything not right (via the comments on to our @e_mint twitter account)

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Vircomm2012 wrap-up

Vircomm2012 took place this past Thursday, Feb 9th & on all accounts ROCKED!

If you weren’t fortunate to be at the conference f2f, the sessions were streamed.  Watch the @vircomm12 twitter account for the announcement when the sessions are uploaded.

Towards the end of the day, Blaise Grimes-Viort posted our twitter stats.  The hashtag  #vircomm12  generated:

  • 1,033 tweets
  • 1,589,940 impressions
  • reached an audience of 304,042 followers

Ribs Susiaho has offered up the Vircomm2012 Awards.  I have to agree on the quote of the day… I’m trying to remember to ‘smile from the wrists down’ every day (though those pesky fingertips sometimes have a mind of their own…)

I’ve said it several times but I think it needs said again – a big thank you to Rebecca Newton &  Oxana Morozowska for pulling together the conference!   A big thank you also to the speakers, session moderators,  volunteers & sponsors (Tempero, Crisp Thinking,, eModeration )

Do you have photos or have you also blogged about it?  Tell us in the comments below.

See you at Vircomm13!

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Vircomm 2012

Time is running out to get your tickets to Vircomm 2012!   If you can be in London on Feb 9th & have even the vaguest interest in online communities, you should be there!

Check out the Agenda – you don’t want to miss the session on best practices of online human behaviour, or the one on gaming communities, or maybe the metrics session is for you?   There’s also a keynote from Joshua March from conversocial & speakers from Moshi Monsters, Huffington Post, Crisp Thinking, CEOP, emoderation, Tempero, iFroggy, Elzware, Patients Like Me & more.

There will be an e-mint-up drinks session after the conference.   Details to be announced.

FYI, Vircomm’s twitter account – @Vircomm12

Hope to see you there!

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e-mint’s 2011 review

In 2011, there were 1,084 posts made to the e-mint group.   September was the slowest month with 43 messages and January was the most active with 175 messages.

We managed to have 4 e-mintup f2f sessions during the year, including 1 in Bristol.   Thanks to the e-minters who organised those!  (If you’re interested in helping us organise an evening, please get in touch).

And after years & years of people suggesting e-mint host a conference, we’re putting our toe in the water with Vircomm Summit 2012 on Feb 9th.  The lovely & wonderful Rebecca Newton & Oxana Morozowska have been working hard to bring together an amazing schedule of events.

If you haven’t purchased a ticket for this event, get in quick!  Early bird tickets have been extended til Jan 9th!

On the list, we talked about a whole range of topics including:

  • Should a community for 5-12 year olds have a Facebook page (as FB doesn’t allow those age groups)?
  • Profanity filters – good? bad? useless?
  • Facebook,  Facebook, Facebook & some more Facebook
  • Social media vs online community – what are the differences
  • Is social media too young of a field to have ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’?
  • Should you delete a community member’s posts when the member deactivates their account
  • Lots of job postings!

Hope everyone has a fantastic 2012!  – Jen


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Want to join e-mint?

e-mint uses Yahoo! Groups to manage our list. The e-mail list is where all the conversation occurs.

Yes, that choice definitely illustrates how long e-mint has been around! 😉

If you’d like to join us, go to the e-mint group and click the blue ‘Join this Group!’ button on the right side of the page. You will need to create or login to a Yahoo! account.

You can also follow us on twitter: @e_mint

You can learn more here…

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Vircomm 2012 – Early bird tix for a few more days

In case you’ve been putting off buying tickets to Vircomm on Feb 9th, we have some great news for you!!  With all the season’s greetings going on,  the Vircomm team have extended the early bird ticket sales til Jan 9th!

Go buy your tickets now!   You’ll save just about £100 if you buy before Jan 9th.  (early bird tix are £249)

This is going to be an awesome day – check out the schedule!

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Has there been an increase in community manager roles in 2011?

the following chart from shows there was an increase in community manager roles early in the year, then a bit of a nosedive but it’s started to recover. does this match what you’re seeing out there?

While indeed is the only site I know of with actual job posting trends, we can add ‘demand’ into the picture by looking at the google trends data for people searching ‘community manager jobs’.

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