July conversations: b2b, how x year olds use media & breaking guitars

what we’ve been talking about on e-mint this month:

the question has been asked… how many of us work in a B2B context? most communities are thought of being B2C but are they? would e-mint, a community of community people, be considered B2C or B2B?

making the rounds recently is a report written by a 15 year old who was doing work experience at Morgan Stanley. his ‘how teenagers consume media‘ dismisses twitter, calls newspapers irrelevant, says they love phones and won’t pay for music. is any of this totally surprising?

the report doesn’t mention how many teenagers were consulted for this ‘research’ or their demographic/psychographic info, so it’s interesting to read a follow-up by a 17 year old work experience student. and finally, let’s not forget our very own Dan Wilson’s ‘how 31 year olds consume media‘!

we’ve also been talking about dave carroll’s ‘united breaks guitars’ video. an update (from july 24) says the 2nd of 3 promised songs will be online soon. United has offered repair costs, travel vouchers and says they want to use Dave’s video in training videos.