e-mint’s 2011 review

In 2011, there were 1,084 posts made to the e-mint group.   September was the slowest month with 43 messages and January was the most active with 175 messages.

We managed to have 4 e-mintup f2f sessions during the year, including 1 in Bristol.   Thanks to the e-minters who organised those!  (If you’re interested in helping us organise an evening, please get in touch).

And after years & years of people suggesting e-mint host a conference, we’re putting our toe in the water with Vircomm Summit 2012 on Feb 9th.  The lovely & wonderful Rebecca Newton & Oxana Morozowska have been working hard to bring together an amazing schedule of events.

If you haven’t purchased a ticket for this event, get in quick!  Early bird tickets have been extended til Jan 9th!

On the list, we talked about a whole range of topics including:

  • Should a community for 5-12 year olds have a Facebook page (as FB doesn’t allow those age groups)?
  • Profanity filters – good? bad? useless?
  • Facebook,  Facebook, Facebook & some more Facebook
  • Social media vs online community – what are the differences
  • Is social media too young of a field to have ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’?
  • Should you delete a community member’s posts when the member deactivates their account
  • Lots of job postings!

Hope everyone has a fantastic 2012!  – Jen


April conversations: thinking global-local and crowds

what we’ve been talking about on e-mint so far this month:

is it a good idea to merge individual country based communities into one global community? what issues might you encounter? as a community manager, what issues will you need to be prepared for?

farmville 🙂

is it a crime to say ‘world’ but yet only mean the country you live in? this is particularily (IMO) an american habit (world series anyone?!?) but it probably happens elsewhere.

building the community – does a crowd beget a crowd? we dipped our toe into social network analysis and maths and found Dr Michael Wu.

July conversations: b2b, how x year olds use media & breaking guitars

what we’ve been talking about on e-mint this month:

the question has been asked… how many of us work in a B2B context? most communities are thought of being B2C but are they? would e-mint, a community of community people, be considered B2C or B2B?

making the rounds recently is a report written by a 15 year old who was doing work experience at Morgan Stanley. his ‘how teenagers consume media‘ dismisses twitter, calls newspapers irrelevant, says they love phones and won’t pay for music. is any of this totally surprising?

the report doesn’t mention how many teenagers were consulted for this ‘research’ or their demographic/psychographic info, so it’s interesting to read a follow-up by a 17 year old work experience student. and finally, let’s not forget our very own Dan Wilson’s ‘how 31 year olds consume media‘!

we’ve also been talking about dave carroll’s ‘united breaks guitars’ video. an update (from july 24) says the 2nd of 3 promised songs will be online soon. United has offered repair costs, travel vouchers and says they want to use Dave’s video in training videos.

May conversations – twitter, outsourcing, removing content

Time has flown past since my last past so will have to do a monthly conversation wrap-up this time!

On the list we’ve been talking about twitter & kids (and the lack of information Twitter provides in regards to safety),  can you outsource your moderation to India?,  and what’s the best practice when you remove a comment/thread (do you leave a notice behind?  do you alert the people involved? etc).

and we’re enjoying troll slayer on xkcd

Event– On June 12th, there’s a roundtable event for Aussie Community Managers in Sydney – see Alison’s blog for details

this week: twitter, jobs and drinks

if you missed our last event on the 15th,  Holly from Fresh Networks has a summary.  

 if you have ideas for future meetings, are interested in sponsoring one or just a general comment, please be in touch (on this site,  on the mailing list or via email). 

last week on e-mint, we’ve been talking about …

  • twitter (of course!)
  • social media ROI
  • plus a couple london based jobs have been posted to the group

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what’s being talked about?

we’re trying something new with the e-mint site – a weekly (or so) wrap-up or conversation summary.  

hmm. maybe we need to work on the name.

as the heart & soul of the group is behind a gate (ie you must be a member – though we make it easy to be a member),  we’re going to try showing what’s behind the magic curtain…

this week on e-mint, we’ve been talking about …  

  •  pages/groups on Facebook (are they really community building? how are they used?)
  • ROI, ROI and more ROI (of community of course!)
  • addressing moderation issues
  • ‘bad word’ lists
  • contact management

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