Has there been an increase in community manager roles in 2011?

the following chart from indeed.com shows there was an increase in community manager roles early in the year, then a bit of a nosedive but it’s started to recover. does this match what you’re seeing out there?

While indeed is the only site I know of with actual job posting trends, we can add ‘demand’ into the picture by looking at the google trends data for people searching ‘community manager jobs’.

Raise awareness about bullying

In the States, October 4-10th is National Bullying Prevention Awareness week and they have a site: Stomp Out Bullying. As part of the week, there is Blue Shirt Day on October 5th to help raise awareness.

According stats on their website, 1 out of 4 kids is bullied and 1 out of 5 admit to being a bully or exhibiting bullying behaviour. For cyberbullying, 1 out of 4 have been bullied online more than one time. 58% of the kids do not tell their parents or other adult when something mean or hurtful has happened online.

In Australia, the Communications & Media Authority launched Let’s Fight It Together. The 7 minute video and teachers guide is designed to give teens strategies to avoid and help others dealing with cyberbullying. They quote research saying an average of 7-10% of students in years 4-9 have been cyber bullied.

Also out of AU, interesting research this week from a QUT researcher who says cyber bullying has contributed to increasing numbers of crime by girls. Professor Kerry Carrington notes there needs to be programs which address this increase and acknowledgment that girls can be violent. article here.

What is happening in other countries to bring light to the issue?