A drink & a chat on Thursday (London)

This is a bit last minute but oh well… any excuse for a pub & good conversation!

If you’re in London, come out this Thursday night for drinks & great conversation around community (or whatever you want to talk about). We’re especially interested in hearing your thoughts about having a community focused conference later this year.

So… if you want to met other e-mint-ers or talk community, head to Shoreditch Thursday night at 6p. We’re be at the Old Blue Last pub – details: http://emintmay2011.eventbrite.com/

e-mint Social – Oct 7 – Bristol UK

Those of you in Bristol or the environs, please join us for a drink or two and possibly a pizza in Bristol this Thursday for the e-mint South West meetup (otherwise known as #emintup).

Yes, that’s right. We’re venturing out of London!

From 19:30 onwards we’ll be at Llandoger Trow on King St.

Photos & tweets (hashtag #emintup) are encouraged – as is talking & beers.

RSVP here or just show up on the night.

Thanks to Ed Mitchell & Jess Spate for helping with the organisation!!

Londoners – e-mint drinks – June 17

Come join us for drink on June 17th.

This e-mint London ‘mintup’ will be just a nice friendly social evening. One of our members has recommended a quiet little pub just off Oxford Street. No football or loud music! If we get there early and there are enough of us, we can monopolise the upstairs room. The pub does normal pub food too.

RSVP please (the event is free, buy your own drinks but we’d like to have an idea of numbers)

birthday plans

Mid 2010 is e-mint’s 10th birthday. If you have an idea regarding how we should celebrate this fantastic anniversary, please let us know!

April conversations: thinking global-local and crowds

what we’ve been talking about on e-mint so far this month:

is it a good idea to merge individual country based communities into one global community? what issues might you encounter? as a community manager, what issues will you need to be prepared for?

farmville 🙂

is it a crime to say ‘world’ but yet only mean the country you live in? this is particularily (IMO) an american habit (world series anyone?!?) but it probably happens elsewhere.

building the community – does a crowd beget a crowd? we dipped our toe into social network analysis and maths and found Dr Michael Wu.

SXSW – e-mint-ies attending/reports/etc

Thought I’d put together a list of e-mint members who are attending or presenting at sxsw. leave a comment, email, post to the list if you should be noted here.

@iFroggyShameless Self Promotion Without Looking Like an @#$%^&! on sat 13th


Other happenings
A community manager meetup is being organised for the 12th – details on facebook (this is not an e-mint event)”

OCR is having a LunchUp on Monday the 15th at 12:30 – details on their facebook page

Drinks – Tonite in London

What? A casual pub evening where you can chat f2f with fellow e-minters.  We’re a friendly bunch so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone (or know faces!)

Where? The Square Pig, 30-32 Proctor Street, London, United Kingdom  (map below)

When? Thursday 11th February, 6pm-11pm  (drop in during this time period)

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Community Manager Appreciation Day

This past Monday (Jan 24) was the first ever Community Manager Appreciation Day.

It’s such a great idea!  Not sure why it’s taken so long for an actual day to be proposed.   But now it has and lots of thanks to Jeremiah Owyang’s post on the idea.

If you missed Jeremiah’s post,  Community Manager Appreciation Day will be held on the 4th Monday of January each year.   #CMAD is the hashtag.

He recommends you take time out and appreciate the following (of course use #CMAD):

  • the community person who helped to solve your customer problem
  • a coworker (and make sure their boss knows too)
  • yourself!  (for all you community managers out there!)

Even though it’s now 2 days late, I’d still encourage you to share the community love & get to thanking people!